Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unique Design

I wanted to make this post about unique design. So often we go with the the type of design that is familiar, or safe, if you will. We tend to stay in certain boundaries...afraid to stretch beyond those boundaries out of fear. I think we have to remember, that no matter what we choose in design, it can be changed. I am definitely the rule breaker when it comes to design. I like to be different in all aspects of design, in fact, I just like to be different PERIOD. :)

So while scanning the web for our next topic, I came across this really cool pendant light. I am in the process of remodeling my own kitchen and it will have a breakfast bar and so I will need pendant lights. I want something unique, different...something I have never seen before.

First of all....have you ever checked out FAB.COM? You sign up with your email and create a password and before you know it you are shopping and design ideas are swirling around in your head. I am not even sure how I got to this, but while navigating through, I came across MyLight Pendant. It retails for $195.00 but is on sale for $130.00. I think that is great deal considering how unique and different this pendant light is.

So you are probably looking at this and wondering..."what is so special about this pendant"?..well, take a closer look :)

That's right! You can personalize it! You can add anything you want to it...anything that will fit of course. Small flower pots, coffee beans, spaghetti noodles (uncooked, LOL) or anything that you want. Check it out filled with coffee beans. Pretty cool gift for that coffee addict friend of yours. :)

So there you have idea for that unique design that will set you apart! Please feel free to share your ideas for unique design or tell us what you would put in your unique pendant light. :)
 Photo source: FAB.COM

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