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HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams: Infuse Your Home With Pattern + Color

HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams: Infuse Your Home With Pattern + Color

This is a great tool to use to figure out your color style. My color style according to this is coastal cool which does not surprise me since we are in the middle of summer and a heat wave and I have been longing for the beach! The thing with me and probably many is that we like to change it up as the seasons change. If I had taken this quiz in the fall, I more than likely would have been drawn to the fall colors like the reds, oranges and browns. If you use neutrals in your larger items it allows you to be able to switch up your seasons through the use of accessories such as pillows and area rugs.

                                                         My color style: Coastal Cool

Tara from Tarajdesigns LLC has some great ideas on how to change out smaller accessories to bring in color and how to update and refresh a room. Good stuff!

Source: Tara Diffenbaugh of Tarajdesigns LLC via

Change dried or silk floral arrangements for an updated look. Current trends reflect neutral colors with simplicity in mind.

Is it time for a new lamp or lampshade? A change in style, shape and color can enhance the look of the room. Be sure the new lamp or lampshade maintains the same function, whether it is an accent or task lamp.

Change the mood with accent pillows. Vibrant colors energize, spa colors bring tranquility and relaxation. Vary sizes, shapes, textures and colors within your pillow selections. Textiles can add warmth and interest to a room.

Replace area rugs. Consider style, color and size. Reveal more of your hardwood or ceramic floor. Switching rugs among rooms will quickly give each room a different look.

Add mirrors. They can double your natural light through reflection. Look at your existing mirrors. Change the color of a frame with paint, invest in a new mirror with a metal frame, or go frameless. It is important to place mirrors where they reflect a pleasant image. For example, you may not want to reflect an empty wall, a not-so-pleasant exterior view or a blank ceiling.

Add paint or change a paint color. Is there a wall or ceiling you can emphasize or accent? Treatments such as striping, a faux finish, wallcovering or a complementary paint color can make the room truly unique.

Freshen the room with a new scent. Clean linen, eucalyptus, lilac -- all scents of the coming season -- may evoke memories of times past or special places. Choose different sizes and heights to group together for more impact.

Rearrange artwork, photos and pictures. It is amazing how things take on new life in a different room. Group like objects to create a bigger story or collection of items.

Rearrange the furniture. Rescue an old rocking chair by bringing it into the family room. It can create a place of comfort from the hectic pace of life. See if you have items that can be repurposed and given new life in another room.

Rearrange items in bookcases, china or curio cabinets. Group like items together to tell a story. Add florals or greens for interest and color. This brings an instant sense of order.

Give your foyer or entry a bright, inviting look. Remember, this is the first space guests see when they enter your home. Keep it tidy and organized, add fresh flowers and a brighter lamp, or a new rug inside the door.


So what is your color style and how do you bring color into your space? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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