Saturday, July 14, 2012

Colourlovers Addiction

Ok.. so I bet you are wondering why my first post is this huge color palette in the center ......

Well, if you are artsy fartsy like me and could spend every waking minute designing, redesigning, searching the web for new and fresh ideas for your spaces, moving furniture around visually or physically or just anything pertaining to color and design.....well, then you have got to get yourself an account on I am completely addicted, in fact, so is my son...... He is sitting next to me making color palettes too.

As you can see my first palette is a complementary color scheme because, as everyone knows, blue and orange are opposite on the color wheel and complement one another. (DA BEARS!) I like coming up with the color combos and then searching the web to see if I can find that palette in a picture of a room because this way I know my years in college getting my art/design/interior & architectural degree was well worth the dang 30,000 I spent, LOL.

Apparently I learned something because look at this fab space using my color combo! BEAUTIFUL!! My poor husband......I think it is time to go redecorate my living room   :)

So what are you waiting for.....try it out....sign your kids up and let your/their creative juices flow!

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